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Are you planning to formula feed your baby?

We are looking for pregnant women and parents of babies less than 14 days old, who are planning to exclusively formula feed their infant.

Why Participate?

  • Infant formula and diapers provided at no cost

  • Compensation of up to $400 for your time

  • Your participation will contribute valuable information that may benefit others in the future

How it works

Participation is super easy. You don't need insurance, and there's no cost to participate.

Feed your baby

Weigh and measure

Track formula

We'll provide either our organic formula or a commercial brand formula.

A qualified nurse will come to your home once a month to weigh and measure your baby.

Keep track of the amount of formula your baby drinks.

Nara Organics is infant formula made whole, smart, and simple.

Because what you feed your newborn has a direct effect on health, growth, and development. And your baby deserves the best!

Our new organic infant formula uses 100% grass-fed organic whole milk. We purposefully used as many natural ingredients as possible and minimized the use of synthetically derived ingredients (no GMO's here). And you won't find any icky fillers -- artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, palm oil, soy, corn syrup, or high fructose syrups.

As first time parents, we were shocked to find ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup in infant formula. So we set out to make a new, clean formula for formula.

We looked all this stuff up, so you don’t have to.

Infant formula is often filled with shady, sugary stuff. We looked at what goes into infant formula, and Nara is cleaning it up.

No compromises.

No fillers.

Only necessary nutrients

Palm Oil

Certified Organic


100% Grass–Fed

Whole Milk



Artificial Sweeteners

Your baby deserves the best. What she is fed plays a large role in her health, growth and development. Breastmilk is the gold standard for infant nutrition, and when breast milk volume is insufficient or when breastfeeding is not an option, infant formula is considered the next best feeding alternative.

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• Los Angeles, CA

• Modesto, CA

• Oakland, CA

• Sacramento, CA

• San Diego, CA

• San Francisco, CA

• San Jose, CA

• Ft. Lauderdale, FL

• Miami, FL

• Orlando, FL

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• West Palm Beach, FL

• Atlanta, GA

• Charlotte, NC

• Greensboro, NC

• Raleigh-Durham, NC

• Columbus, OH

• Dallas, TX

• Houston, TX

• San Antonio, TX


• Healthy term infant singleton

• Baby must be enrolled in the study prior to 14 days of life

• Willing to exclusively formula feed baby (no breast milk)

• No family history of cow's milk protein intolerance

• No family history of cow's milk protein allergy

The purpose of the Nourish study is to evaluate the growth of healthy term infants consuming a whole milk organic infant formula. This is a comparative study in which some participants will receive an organic study formula while others will receive a brand name formula that's commercially available, all at no cost for the duration of the study.

If you are over the age of 18, are pregnant, or have an infant under 14 days of age, and are planning to exclusively formula feed your infant, then you may be eligible to join our study. Click the button below to find out if you are eligible. To be eligible, you must also qualify for the following:

We've been hard at work developing a grass-fed, whole milk organic infant formula (without the shady, sugary stuff), and in order to bring it onto the market, we must conduct this growth study as required by FDA.

Nourish by Nara is IRB approved and listed on

We take Covid-19 and your safety seriously. Depending on your state, our registered nurses may be vaccinated. All nurses are COVID-19 safety trained and follow all CDC safety protocols.

This study is sponsored by Nara Organics

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